July 2, 2014 ↘︎

Conscious uncoupling

Separation is a difficult decision, and can feel traumatic to all involved. But, consciously uncoupling from a relationship yet remaining committed to each other as parents, seems to be all the rage these days. At digital balance we generally prefer to sit back and reserve judgement on the latest trends before we develop an opinion, but in this instance we’re right up there with Gwyneth and Chris.

Tim and I are consciously uncoupling. But taking the words of advice shared on Gwyneth’s blog, we believe that there will be a “wholeness in our separation.”

After 8 years of living in this amazing place it’s time for me to move my children to the UK for some much needed grandparent time. So many of us have been there right? But don’t let 17,000 kilometres fool you. Our digitally agile world means we can pretty much work from anywhere and at anytime so that’s exactly what digital balance will be doing. 

db has a new offspring.

We’re very excited to be launching our first digital balance offspring; welcome to the world
db thinkers.

db thinkers will be up and running in the UK from September. I’ll initially be focusing on establishing two of our core areas of expertise – integrated planning and team development – for UK based clients. The original (and magnificent) db team will remain in Leederville and provide me with all the analytics and optimisation expertise I need, as well as continue to create those ah-hah moments for our APAC based clients. I will continue supporting the team here and sharing my thoughts on digital thinking in the UK through our blog. 

Over the 8 years that Tim and I have worked together, built teams and businesses we have always believed we offer a unique combination of digital thinking. One that we constantly want to test and improve. My move to the UK is just another chance to do some testing. 

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