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Contentsquare—Unlock Insights to Understand and Optimise Every Digital Experience

Contentsquare’s AI-powered platform provides rich and contextual insights into customer behaviours, feelings and intent—at every touchpoint of their journey—enabling businesses to build empathy and create lasting impact.

More than 1,300 leading brands use Contentsquare to grow their business, deliver more customer happiness and move with greater agility in a constantly changing world. Its insights are used to optimise the experience on over 1.3 million websites worldwide.


Digital Experience Analytics

Know what drives engagement and abandonment on your sites and mobile apps to increase engagement and conversion.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Uncover obstacles and prioritize fixes, caused by technical issues, UX blockers and poor web and app performance.

Conversion Funnels

Track and analyse user journeys to optimise conversion paths and increase conversions.

Product Analytics

nderstand multi-session user journeys across your websites, apps, and other branded experiences to drive better conversion and retention over time.

Voice Of Customer

Collect feedback and perform surveys, users interviews and user testing.

How we work with Contentsquare

At Digital Balance, we partner with Contentsquare to help businesses leverage its powerful features and capabilities.

Our team can assist you in implementing Contentsquare on your website or app, configuring it to capture and analyse the data that matters most to your business, and interpreting the insights it provides to drive actionable improvements in your digital experiences.

Contact us today

Ready to unlock the full potential of Contentsquare for your business? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage Contentsquare to optimise your digital experiences and drive results.


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