October 2, 2015 ↘︎

A chat with Adobe.

As you probably know, we have a strong connection with Adobe and are big believers in their products, having implemented many of their digital marketing platforms for our clients over the years.

Tim was recently approached by Rudi Shumpert from Adobe to have a chat about our experiences working with Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). He reflects on the first implementation of DTM that Digital Balance ever did;

‘What started out as a good way to approach the process actually ended up forcing us to redo the deployment three times over six months, but each redo enabled us to find a much better way to get the results our client was looking for.’

Boy have we come a long way since then! As has the platform. It’s getting easier for digital teams to implement tags and take on the governance themselves. We’re finding ourselves to be more of a supporting role for them, and to help them through the gotcha moments.

You can read the full interview on the Adobe Digital Marketing blog.

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