Water Corporation Western Australia

We delivered digital visualisation that brought to life Water Corporation’s most powerful digital asset.
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Powerful Data Visualisation

The Background

Water Corporation needed a long-term analytics partner that could lead best practices in data analytics and optimisation, within the constraints of a complex technology and data analytics ecosystem.

We were engaged by Water Corporation back in 2013 for what was originally a simple 12-month engagement for analytics measurement strategy and implementation. The relationship extended for 6+ years as we continued to be the Water Corporation’s trusted consultative analytics partner throughout various evolutions of their digital offering.

Our work has ranged from vendor selection for technology, recommendations for team roles, data insights for data driven decision making and key performance indicators that measure digital performance as a monetary value – always with ongoing support to ensure trusted, quality data.

The Work

We helped Water Corporation work through their key performances and bring them to life in a simple Data Studio dashboard.

Through workshops, mentorship and data gathering from around the business, we got to a dollar value KPI for customer service related goals. We also provided realistic targets for those KPIs that took into consideration seasonal variation and historic performance.

The Value

The KPI dashboard was launched in late 2017 as the key source for understanding digital’s bottom line impact to the organisation. The project helped to shift the digital team’s thinking from tactical micro conversions to a macro business level view of impact in dollar value that the whole business understands.

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