14 metrics to get you started with your deep dive into Facebook data exports

If you’re familiar with the Facebook Insights tab but are looking for a little more detail and a little more depth, there are a few options to get you started.
Page Summary gives you the ability to look at data from today, yesterday, the last 7 days, or the last 28 days, but with the Export Data function, you can go so much further.

The value of a dislike.

lady using a tablet device in outside space

The introduction of a ‘dislike’ button could produce some interesting data insights for marketing on Facebook. But then what implications will it also have on brands?

Why you need to define your purpose before you tackle social.

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Is it really necessary for brands have more than one Facebook or Twitter account? Customers can easily engage brands on social, therefore many brands make use of dedicated customer service accounts. But before you launch into social overdrive you need to define your purpose for being on social.

The 5 E’s of writing a damn good business blog.

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Do you have an irrational fear of writing articles for your business blog? Content marketing is an essential for brands wanting to promote themselves online, here are some essential elements to help you write a damn good article.

The power of curation.

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Curated content is a great way of increasing your social reach, so why aren’t you using it as part of your content strategy? Find out why you should be sharing the knowledge you discover with your target audience.

Tweet, tweet – tracking Twitter

They’re tweeting away. You probably are too. But they’re not necessarily following you, or you them. Are you even aware of them? And are you reporting on their mentions?

Twitter is pervasive nowadays. Which isn’t bad for only 140 characters or less. And it’s amazing what you can actually say with so few words. Good, bad or ugly, it’s happening around you. At the breakfast table, on the way to work, at work, at lunch and at night. And the audiences are huge. Lady Gaga – 6.6 million followers; Barack Obama – 5.5 million. Ok, so maybe you’re not a Lady Gaga, but you get my drift. What’s to say someone with thousands of followers isn’t tweeting away about your brand? Did you know you can report tweets in SiteCatalyst?