Adobe Marketing Cloud’s new silver lining

The Cloud's silver lining

The future looks good with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud getting a suite of 8 new core services, all designed to help us combat fragmented views of our audiences, incomplete profiling and targeting capabilities, bring together silo’d channels, and reduce the manual work required to currently curate reports to our stakeholders.

Measure people, not traffic.

a busy subway station filled with people

It seems that most companies are still measuring traffic rather than peoples’ behaviours, despite the capability of the platforms. Enhance your customer understanding with audience measurement, not just the boring mundane traffic metrics.

I didn’t listen to my own advice

Don’t you just hate that? I tell people things, sometimes until it feels like I am blue in the face from the efforts of my passion to get the point across – “how can you not see what your own customers see?”. And then I went and committed the same crime myself.