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We helped Swinburne University drive deeper customer engagement capability across their website through data management platform implementation connecting and collecting previously siloed data.
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DMP Implementation & Customer Platform Development

The background

In 2018, Swinburne University (SUT) set an ambitious goal to achieve personalised experiences by 2020 over a four-year period, engaging us in an initial phase to:

  • Complete an Adobe Analytics implementation across all of Swinburne’s remaining digital properties (using Dynamic Tag Manager)
  • Roll out Adobe Target and Audience Manager across their new Adobe Experience Manager powered web properties within six months.

After the successful delivery of this first phase, a need was identified for the University to activate and leverage its valuable customer data within Adobe Audience Manager, its Data Management Platform (DMP), whilst managing compliance with respect to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and general data handling best practice.

The University wanted to:

  • Identify a Unique Identifier for all customers across all data sets
  • Unify online and offline data across multiple systems/complex data sets, managed by multiple stakeholders.

Our approach

We worked closely with IT, Architecture, Security, Business, and Marketing teams to scope, design, implement and deliver an end-to-end bespoke software platform which would allow Adobe Audience Manager to ingest large quantities of CRM profiles and data, without compromising PII or data management best practices.

Our role included:

  • Guiding the platform design in partnership with the University architecture team
  • Managing conversations between all groups involved to resolve technical and security queries, whilst ensuring that business needs were still met in a timely and budget conscious manner
  • Making recommendations on data handling, transport and storage processes
  • Designing and implementing data synchronisation methods and schemas connect offline and online data
  • Validating point and end to end testing across each component of the platform.

The value

The bespoke digital customer data platform, known as Digital Experience ID (DXID), was successfully launched in November 2019 and:

  • Acts as the conduit between multiple Swinburne CRMs, and Adobe Audience Manager to power onsite personalisation and optimisation and offsite re-targeting activities
  • Anonymises users’ records and removes PII before pushing data into Adobe Audience
  • Provides the University’s Marketing teams with complete access to the information necessary to conduct accurate and effective personalisation and offsite re-targeting activities
  • Is fully reusable and scalable for ongoing use cases.

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