A content marketing template to inspire your creative resources.

Key to getting the best output from your content marketers is writing a descriptive and insightful brief. Learn some tips on how to inspire writers and download our free template to help you get started.
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One of my favourite jobs is to get my teeth stuck into writing a good brief. I know the information I include in my brief will be directly responsible for the quality and the creativity of the output that I receive. In response to an agency presentation of a concept, how many times have you heard people say; “it’s not what I had in mind“? Well I figure it’s your job to avoid that statement.

Avoiding the vanilla.

I often think that clients believe they aren’t “creative” enough to write inspiring briefs and use that as an opportunity to deliver something which can be described as vanilla at its very best. From a client perspective the value that we can add to the briefing process is knowledge and brand passion. If your external resources know more about your brand, your customers, or your product than you do, then there’s a problem. They’re likely working for other clients too, so part of the job of your brief is to draw them back into the zone for your business.

I recently wrote an article about uncovering your content marketing opportunity in which I shared some tips for digging into your internal resources that hold true when it comes to inspiring your content writers. Delight them with insights and research that allows them to visualise and get excited about what they can do with this new information.

A template for success.

I prepared a briefing template for one of our clients who were finding that what they were receiving back from their writer was missing lots of valuable opportunities. They thought about changing their writer; I thought they should provide a clearer and more insightful content marketing brief.

Download our free template.

My goal with this template is for you to use it to refresh and revitalise your creative resources. Get them to feel excited about each and every piece of work they produce for you because of the knowledge and insights you’ve shared with them. Your goal should be to put as much effort into writing your brief as you expect to get back from your writer.

Feel free to download the word template. Over the coming weeks we’ll be creating and sharing some more helpful templates so let us know if you’d like a template on something specific and we’ll do our best.

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