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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Measuring your blogs with SiteCatalyst

In today’s day and age, blog platforms are becoming more popular in the corporate online presence. Many employees blog professionally about their area of expertise, and many corporations run blogs beyond their official website. Blog platforms can be used in a variety of ways – beyond the traditional blogging. Many of us use the blog platform to house our News or Media sites and Event sites, and so forth.

But how do you measure them? Well here’s a few key measures to use to get some better insights…

Segmentation is the key to success.

It often strikes me as strange that people still look at numbers in the aggregate. Knowing that you get a certain amount of page views, or a certain amount of visitors and so forth, doesn’t really tell you anything.

In order to get some insights of value, things that you can really act on, you need to segment your traffic and conversions.

But so few people really do it, and even fewer do it really well. Read on to find out why segmentation should form the basis of your analytics strategy…