The four stages of attribution excellence ↘︎

Lyndon covers the four stages of attribution excellence:

– Discrete Measurement – Capture data from each channel and measure discretely for intra-channel optimisation.

– Measure & Correlate – Correlate trends and performance across channels (online and offline).

– Merge & Attribute – Relate multiple channels across common classifications (i.e. Campaign) to measure and optimise conversions

– Model-Based Attribution – Multi-channel attribution models to augment and evolve tactical marketing mix models.

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Lyndon Apthorpe

Lyndon is a seasoned professional with over 20 years in the Business Intelligence domain. His consulting experience spans diverse sectors, including Banking & Financial Services, Telecommunications, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Infrastructure & Construction and more. Within these industries, Lyndon has delivered solutions ranging from big data, and master data management solutions, to campaign delivery & digital media optimisation and more.

At Domo, Lyndon’s journey has been diverse, dedicating 5 years to designing and delivering complex digital media solutions for an array of notable clients including an Australian Big 4 bank, a Fortune 100 consumer goods brand, Fortune 500 cosmetics brands, and numerous media and advertising agencies. In his current position as Domo’s APAC Value Optimisation Advisor, Lyndon is driven by assisting customers in realising value from their data investments. He underscores the significance of progressive, robust data architecture, viewing it as pivotal for delivering early value, sustainable growth, adaptability and scalability.

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The four stages of attribution excellence

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The four stages of attribution excellence

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