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Our Consulting Services

See how we can unlock the value of your data, drive deeper customer engagement and business growth by helping your organisation with strategic advice, hands on expertise, support and training.

Accelerate your digital maturity
and enhance business growth

We can help your teams drive commercial success and ROI with strategic advice and hands-on expertise across four complimentary service streams
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Marketing Technology Enablement & Strategy

Selecting, setting up and connecting the right platforms, ensuring the data is clean and is being captured correctly are the keys to putting your data to work. We can be located onsite with your teams.

Marketing Technology Enablement & Strategy

  • Marketing Technology selection, configurations and audits
  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP) – requirements, selection, implementation and ongoing support
  • Data Management Platforms (DMP) – requirements, selection, implementation and ongoing support
  • Communicating business value/ROI of technology platforms
  • Leveraging your existing technology in line with your Digital Strategy
  • Digital Maturity Benchmarking
  • Measurement Planning & Implementation
  • Google and Adobe Analytics implementations
  • Creating a First Party Data Strategy
  • Data Health Checks
  • Helping you define a response to the cookie-less future
  • Technical review and gap analysis in line with industry best practice
  • Report Suite migration
  • Data Privacy and Protection

Technical and Data Expertise

  • Provide technical and data expertise across, not only your technology platforms and data layer, but also your strategy, people and process.
  • Strategic advice – be your trusted agnostic technical advisor
  • Tactical hands on support and training across multiple Marketing Technology platforms and technologies
  • Onsite team mentoring or capacity uplift
  • In-depth, classroom-based or hands-on training and support
  • Support for your team in their education and training in being more data-driven
  • Unique expertise tailored to Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Experience, and/or Digital teams
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Digital Analytics & Data Insights

Start seeing returns from your data and technology investments by understanding your high value audience segments, gaining visibility of campaign performance, and learning where data can be delivering on business strategy and ROI.

Data Strategy

  • Development of a First party data strategy
  • Metrics and KPI workshops to align the business
  • ROI – deliverable outcomes and success metrics
  • Data Governance and Management
  • Performance Analytics and Measurement
  • Campaign Governance and Tracking
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Marketing plan guidance
  • Customer insights
  • Funnel and Lead Management
  • Data Health Checks

Data Insights & Valildation

  • Data analysis & insights
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Performance Dashboards aligned with Business KPI and ROI
  • Campaign Dashboards and Reporting
  • Combining datasets to create great visualisation
  • Customer Journey visualisation
  • Path to Purchase visualisation
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Optimisation and Experimentation

The strategy for driving onsite engagement and sales requires increasing the performance of your website content – the best place to build visitor trust and conversion.

Optimisation & Experimentation

  • Experimentation – AB Testing and Targeting
  • Personalisation – simple triggers > at scale personalisation
  • Ecommerce optimisation and experimentation strategies
  • Multi-trait segmentation strategy
  • Product recommendations
  • Activity Prioritisation Frameworks
  • Campaign continuity offsite and onsite
  • Roadmap to building
  • Program maturity
  • Program Structure and Governance models / Centre of Excellence
    Contingency Planning

People, Process & Training

  • Champion the cause of experimentation
  • Assist in the preparation of business cases or POCs
  • Help you develop a Communications and Engagement strategy
  • Define new ways of working
  • Undertake Change management activities
  • Provide expertise with the business process and required mindset shift
  • Resource planning
  • Onsite, classroom, or external Training, Mentoring and Support
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Omnichannel Customer Experience ​

Seamlessly connect your customer touch points over a number of channels, allowing customers to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another.

Customer Experience Strategy

  • Consumer/Customer Experience Strategy
  • Cross Channel Communications Strategy
  • Customer/Buyer Journey Mapping
  • Consumer Experience Roadmaps
  • Digital and Data Roadmaps
  • Identity Strategies
  • Approaches for B2C, B2B, and D2C

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Need Some Help?

We can work onsite or remotely with you and your team to provide capacity uplift or ongoing support as you need.

Need additional MarTech resources to supplement your team for special projects or to provide given expertise?

Data quality and integrity is key to any data strategy. We undertake audits and health checks that can give you peace of mind.

If you know your data could be working harder, but you’re not sure where to start, we can help.

We can help you build dynamic dashboards based on important metrics to fully inform the business.

Is it a CDP or a DMP that is right for your organisation? Let us help you work through the pros and cons.

Let us show you how to bring your online and offline data together to create a best picture of your customers.

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This webinar was recorded in October 2023.

Note that the information contained in this presentation should not be taken as legal advice. Digital Balance and its partners recommend that you undertake your own legal investigation.

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Note that the information contained in this presentation should not be taken as legal advice. Digital Balance and its partners recommend that you undertake your own legal investigation.

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Note that the information contained in this presentation should not be taken as legal advice. Digital Balance and its partners recommend that you undertake your own legal investigation.