September 3, 2011 ↘︎

What is it that makes a good digital team great?

I think it’s many things, but one thing stands above all else – their passion.

I’ve helped nurture one or two digital teams over the years and I have to say for each team, I’m immensely proud of what they’ve achieved.

And I think that comes from trust; letting them flourish in digital communications, taking the initiative and making mistakes along the way but learning from them too.

I think it’s about the culture of the team.  How close knit they are.

I think it’s about their personalities.  After all, you spend a large amount of time together – you really really need to get on.

I think it’s about having support.  Having people that truly believe in them.  Having people that are ready to stand up and promote them and their strategies.

And I think it’s about ownership.  Give them the ownership and the responsibility (and support and everything else) and they’ll flourish into a great digital team.

With trust comes the desire to achieve.  With trust comes the desire to try things.  And those things may not always work, but that’s ok too – as long as you learn from it.

But most of all, I think it’s about their passion for digital.  And you can see their enthusiasm bubble over.  It’s infectious. Stifle that passion, that enthusiasm and it’s game over.  Stifle that with just production tasks, “go execute this” and you’re doing your company a dis-service.

Claire just talked about finding the inspiration…that sometimes takes time.  Allow for that.  Allow them to think things through – you’ll reap the rewards.

Require a team to just execute something, and they will.  But they’ll have limited connection to it.  Yes, they’ll try hard to do a really good job and execute it well, but that commitment, that real desire to achieve meaningful results, that connection, probably won’t be there.

Give a passionate team the freedom to think, to shape their own destiny, the capability to deliver it and the continuous support and they’ll come together and achieve great things.  Their desire to achieve results will be astounding.  Give them that freedom and you’ll be helping to foster a really great digital team.

So what do you think makes a good digital team great?

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