March 26, 2014 ↘︎

The data is there to be used.

After going through the previous 5 tips, I’d hope this was obvious, but I feel it must be said once again – use your data!
I’ve unfortunately encountered multiple scenarios where components of a media campaign have clearly failed to meet defined KPIs, and instead of applying those learnings to the next campaign/round, the exact same media plan is dusted off and re-implemented.

From campaign launch everyone should be reviewing the data coming in, making tweaks and changes based on the incoming data. And then once the campaign is finished a post campaign/round insights and learnings session should be carried out. All data is good data, especially when you can identify an opportunity for the next round, or when you learn something new about your audience and the way they’re using your site.

Ultimately enterprise analytics is a serious investment in both licensing and resourcing. But by applying campaign measurement and through learning and optimising campaign spend based on clearly defined KPIs and the insights you receive, you will start gaining returns on your platform investment. And perhaps perhaps even build a case to grow your digital team!

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