March 10, 2011 ↘︎

New products announced at Adobe Omniture Summit 2011

Just a quick update from Salt Lake City where I’m attending, and presenting, at the Adobe Omniture Summit 2011.

Not only is the event bigger than last year, in fact, their largest event yet with 2600+ people attending, but they’ve just announced a suite of new products, which as marketers, we’re all very interested in.

SiteCatalyst 15

Sitting on the Customer Advisory Board and having been part of the beta test for the new product for the last few months, has been extremely difficult in terms of not being able to say anything about the new version of SiteCatalyst.

But now it’s officially been launched, I can let you in to one or two “secrets”.  SC15 is a whole new platform.  The biggest thing is segmentation. It now allows you to create segments on the fly and view reports based on those segments – which is something we’ve all been crying out for, for a long time.  Thanks for listening Omniture.

There’s a whole new interface too, with new overview reports and a bunch of new metrics.  There’s also a whole suite of new features available within it, which will please many of you, not to mention a speed increase.

And your SiteCatalyst data will report exactly the same as your Discover data – which has often been confusing.  They now both work off the same data set, whereas previously Discover worked off the raw data, and SC worked off a processed set of data.

This certainly doesn’t remove the need for Discover though.  Discover remains the primary tool for analysts to do conscious-stream-of-thought analysis in real time.  It continues to be the main tool for comparative segmentation (in SC15 you can run a report against a segment, but you can’t compare segments).

Adobe Social Platform

It makes total sense.  For quite a while now, Adobe Omniture has been working on a new Social Media Monitoring and reporting product.  The benefits of this product are too many to list, but, the biggest benefit is that you can now create and monitor all of your traditional social media mentions, and correlate those mentions with your site traffic and conversions.  Woohoo!  All within one reporting suite.

So as you get mentions you can now see the impact of those mentions across your site.  All of the traditional features of a social media monitoring platform are there as well – sentiment, mentions etc etc.

Adobe Content Management Platform

They also announced a new content management platform with their acquisition of Day Software.  They’ve made it so you can not only create, publish and manage your content, but you can now tag it on the fly and report it directly into SiteCatalyst.

Discover v2.96

A new version of Discover is about to be released as well.  One of the biggest features of this release is the cross-year reporting, which has been a bug bear for many, where you couldn’t analyse things across the year divider (31st Dec/1st Jan).  Well, now you can.  Plenty of other new features in this as well, such as Segment validation as you’re building your segments (it’ll now tell you how many page views, visitors and visits are part of the segment you’re building, before you save the segment).

You can also build those segments and push them back into SiteCatalyst to make them available to other business units.

So, lots of great stuff coming out of Summit.

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