July 18, 2011 ↘︎

It took a rush of Coldplay’s blood to the head get me started

So here I am. Finally. I think I may take the title out for most procrastinated over blog ever even though I have sold the benefits and practicalities of blogging many, many times over. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am thinking too much about this and the best way to learn is to do it. At least that’s what I coached myself into thinking over my morning coffee, thanks Chris Martin.

There are so many awesome, get you thinking bloggers out there (I’ll share some favourites with you as we get to know each other better) that I struggled to find my space. I wanted to write about stuff to get conversations started rather than just sharing other peoples thoughts (although I’ll do that too) and I wanted to give people a flavour of what our company, digital balance, is about.

My blogging muse is my wonderful friend and Murdoch colleague, De Hallam. She is someone who has grown up through the ranks of the digital communication trades in front of my eyes and someone who Tim and I have influenced, coaxed and dragged sometimes to get to her current position of Online Planner for Murdoch University. Which is kind of what digital balance is about…….and yes, we are prepared to drag you there.

Coaching, mentoring and guiding has been a central theme of my various marketing and communication roles for the last 10 years. I’ve always been client-side and have worked with agencies of all styles, qualities and attitudes for the last decade too which is something I’ll definitely tackle in later blog posts. The digital passion came along a little later.

So that’s what my blogging stage is going to be about. Helping people understand how to become digital leaders, influencers and ambassadors within their (client-side) organisations. Tooling people up to feel confident and in control of the situation when it comes to representing the role and value of digital in their business.

I am driven to help others to feel as committed to their digital visions as the team do at Murdoch. I want others to feel the connectedness of a true peer-2-peer agency relationship because you all know what you are looking to achieve. I want people to come to you with problems to solve in the digital space not half-arsed solutions they just expect you to deliver.

And I promise to try and do this regularly too. Apparently, it takes 30 days to make a habit so my target will be to get to 30 blog entries before I pull the duvet back over my head again.

I have ideas for what to write about (I’ve done lots of thinking on that part) but the challenge will be to make them into bite-sized chunk entries which make you have an “uh-huh” moment or just feel inspired to tackle something a little differently in your day. Let me know how I go with that?

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