April 30, 2015 ↘︎

Data insights: how to get the real story.

If you’ve ever wanted someone to tell you what’s actually interesting or useful in your brand’s digital data, you might struggle to get it from a web analyst alone.

The truth is, it takes multiple skill sets. You need to be able to see the big picture AND have the technical skill to know how to manipulate the right data. People with both skills are few and hard to come by.

Being an Adobe Partner with a hankering for all things analytics we’ve learnt a thing or two about what goes into data analysis that uncovers true insights and not just numbers.

3 steps to uncovering true data insights about your brand:

1. Team people with different digital skill sets.

We’ve often talked about analysis paralysis, and one of the best ways to get through it is through partnering people of different skills.  Decent analysis comes out of a strong foundation of both intuition and analytics, skills sets often difficult to find in one person alone.

Partnering people with digital planner/strategist skills that can see the big picture, together with analysts that know how to pull together complex calculated metrics, will get you to the story that matters.

2. Get a taste for multiple data sources.

Social data, web data, CRM data – if you were to look at one data set alone you will come out with a very different, somewhat narrowed, view of what’s really going on in your business.  To get the real picture, your team needs to get their hands dirty with all sorts of data sources. This way you can draw it all together and get a complete view of what’s going on.  

3. It’s about the story – not the numbers.

Most of us are drowning in a sea of data. Unless your team has the clarity to focus on what matters, nothing will be heard.

So many of the teams we work with spend hours on reports that gain nods, but which garner no real response from the business.  The truth is, people don’t have the time to read reports and know what’s important.  It’s up to your team to point it out – in neon.

Anything else is just noise.


Give it time

It takes time and energy to uncover data insights that your brand can hang its hat on. Unless your team is given specific focus, and individuals are teamed up with others that have the skill sets they lack, you’ll never get the kind of earth-shattering revelations that can change your entire strategic direction and take it to a whole new level.

Digital Balance run regular Data Insight Sessions for clients, download the one-pager or contact us to book yours.


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