November 10, 2010 ↘︎

Custom menus in SiteCatalyst

You’re optimizing content to drive relevance for your visitors. So why don’t you optimize your menus in SiteCatalyst for your users too? Make them more relevant – you’ll be thanked for it.

One of the lesser used capabilities in SiteCatalyst is the Custom Menu. They make reports easier to find for your users.  Makes sense and only takes two minutes.

Out of the box, the menu structure is designed to accommodate most reports, but they can’t take into account the subtleties of your reports.

For example, if you’re measuring blogs, there’s no mention of Posts or Authors, Tags or Categories.

Creating custom menus

Custom menus allow you to rename, move, hide or delete items from the menu.  In the admin, select the report suite you want to modify, then click on Edit Settings > General > Customize Menus.  From there you can modify your menu structure.


Some ideas

If you’re measuring Twitter, you might consider having items in your menu such as Tweets, Keywords, Authors etc.

If, like us, you don’t really have “products” in the true sense of products, but you’re using the s.products variable to measure things, rename it to something else. We renamed ours to Courses.


You can also create a series of custom reports and move them into the main menu structure, hiding other items in the process.

By default, there’s also a number of reports that you may not ever use. Just hide them. There still there, and you can un-hide them in the future if you need to, but it cleans up the menu.

One final thought

Don’t forget to tell your users that you’re changing the menu structure…you don’t want to confuse them!

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