February 20, 2014 ↘︎

5 tips to successful campaign measurement in SiteCatalyst

As part of my role at digital balance I help clients implement SiteCatalyst, and everyday I get asked numerous questions about campaign measurement. Generally the questions are very similar in nature and revolve around ‘how do I get the most out of measurement?‘. Which in turn has prompted me to write this article for you.

Campaign tracking is no.1

I come from a marketing background, which perhaps explains my enthusiasm for campaign tracking and why I’m so adamant that using simple campaign tracking in SiteCatalyst is the best path to actionable data and demonstrated ROI.

SiteCatalyst (previously Omniture, and now Adobe Analytics) is a powerful beast that can give you really advanced data that feeds into multi attribution models and advanced behavioural segmentation. However, we need to get the basics in place first so I’ve put together some tips for you based on what I’ve experienced across a good number of implementations.

5 top tips for successful campaign measurement:

1. Create useful tracking codes that are unique to the level of granularity that you’re wanting to measure. See some examples and find out how.

2. Ensure you have measurable, clearly defined KPIs that are reflected in your SiteCatalyst metrics. Read more about KPIs: defining and measuring in campaigns.

3. Check your settings to make sure parameters, attribution type and expiry are all correct. Find out if you’ve got your settings right.

4. Be clear that SiteCatalyst data is your single source of truth and ensure that your agency or partners adhere. I take you through some reasons why here.

5. Use your data to help identify opportunities for the next round and learn about user behaviour on your site. I can’t stress the importance of data enough.

Get more from your campaign

I’ll have plenty more to say about campaign measurement, so feel free to leave a comment if you want me to focus on something a little more specific.

For more detail and advice on how to make the most out of your SiteCatalyst campaign follow the links above specific to each of the topics. Or continue reading now and head over to see my first tip on How to create useful tracking codes.

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