May 13, 2015 ↘︎

4 really great things about DTM

We’ve all heard about the incredible Dynamic Tag Management (or DTM) which also happens to be one of the greatest tag management solutions. And not because it’s a catchy buzz word in the analytics world, but because of its ability to streamline digital marketing analytics implementation. It involves very little reliance on IT, and as a result it has broken down the barriers for today’s marketing technologists by allowing more tagging control and implementation and integration management. Without, or with minimal, IT resource engagement.

If you haven’t moved your analytics implementation to a DTM solution yet,  here’s 4 really great things you should know about the Adobe platform.

1. It’s free and platform agnostic.

DTM really is just a feature of your account with the Adobe Marketing Cloud and in no way locks you to using only Adobe products. Being a platform agnostic tag management system, it works with any HTML or JavaScript based marketing tag i.e Google, making it an industry-wide solution to all your analytics tagging implementations.

2. The simplicity of less-is-more.

Aside from its technical sounding buzz name, the DTM platform is actually straightforward and provides a good user experience. It’s easy to understand and navigate, hiding most of the complex JavaScript so that you can focus on the important tasks at hand. The platform allows a simple task such as clicks, navigations and page views to be easily implemented with minimal JavaScript knowledge or experience. This is largely due to the way DTM has been designed to handle 90% to 95% of all tracking scenarios without having to write any custom scripts. With the ability to also load up any type of tags, on any user interactions within the pages, it really allows a complex and meaningful analysis of the audiences because of the amount of control it gives for an implementation you cannot get with a standard implementation tool or from media data.

3. Ownership of your analytics implementation.

DTM allows you to single-handedly control your analytics tools, tests, marketing tags, and other tag-based technologies on your site which are added dynamically through an intuitive user interface. This means that, once developers have added a line of code to enable DTM to work, any implementation could be added according to your schedule. Basically if implementing tags is a long process then DTM will commission you or any Digital Analyst (technical or no technical knowledge) to create, delete or change any tag logic in real time rather than schedule for a new site push.

4. Trying it out requires little resource.

If you’re on the fence about changing your tag management to DTM and are unsure if it’s a platform you want to stick with, you’ll be happy to know that trying DTM is very easy. You are only required to add a line of code to your site which then gives you the ability to test the unlimited possibilities of what it has to offer in your own time.

And the possibility of you breaking the website is pretty much impossible.  It offers the ability to have your tagging up only in staging mode, meaning that you’ll only be able to see your analytics tagging with the Adobe DTM Switch, making it completely safe. Live tracking only happens only after a publish or any rule.


See a fit?

Maybe you’re still on the fence with this one, contemplating on the million-dollar question “do you or your organisation have what it takes or rather the advanced technical skills to deploy a DTM solution?

Alternatively, you can look at hiring a specialised agency that could temporarily carry you through the implementation. They can also train you up for the impending task of maintaining DTM or future implementations, and as JavaScript and HTML are pretty easy to pick up you’ll soon have this DTM platform in the palm of your hands.

So what’s stopping you?

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